About the Book

Take the Brain Quiz inside the book to discover why are some people a pain in the neck and others a song in your heart? Why do you zig while others zag?

The differences are in our personalities and how they shade our perception and affect the way we work, live, and interact. Discovering and understanding our own strengths and idiosyncrasies while adapting to other individuals can be an overwhelming task.

In response to this common frustration, What Color Is Your Brain?® A Fun and Fascinating Approach to Understanding Yourself and Others explains the similarities and differences that impact our thoughts and actions. Rather than offer an excuse for people’s behavior, this book helps to explain why our perspectives differ from or relate to the viewpoints of others. Enjoyable, insightful, and easy-to-read, What Color Is Your Brain?® is a guide to discovering who we are, why others see us the way they do, and how the four “brain colors” play a role in our everyday lives.

  • Yellow Brainers are Responsible, Organized, Loyal and Punctual
  • Blue Brainers are Creative, Communicative, Helpful and Compassionate
  • Green Brainers are Logical, Private, Competent and Independent
  • Orange Brainers are Dynamic, Fun-loving, Generous and Courageous

Sheila Glazov has created colorful personality profiles that simplify the complex nature of our traits and talents. This book is intended to facilitate effective communication and cooperation while minimizing frustration in numerous aspects of our everyday lives — at work and home, in dating and marital relationships, with team projects, among family members and friends, and within a mixture of other interpersonal connections.

What Color Is Your Brain?® explores the essential pieces of the puzzle that is human interaction. With the help of this dynamic book, discovering your own brain color and learning to adapt to others is bound to be a no-brainer!