What Color Is Your Brain?® A Fun and Fascinating Approach to Understanding Yourself and Others

Shelia N. Glazov

Table of Contents

About the Author

Section I: Brain Color Concepts
Chapter 1: The “No Right or Wrong Answer” Brain Color Quiz
Chapter 2: Recognize Your Strengths and Perspectives
Chapter 3: Appreciate Our Differences
Chapter 4: Understanding Your Color Combinations
Chapter 5: How Other Colors See You
Chapter 6: Thrive in Ideal Conditions
Section I: Brain Color Concepts Summary

Section II: Personal Brain Color Connections
Chapter 7: Your Romantic Relationships
Chapter 8: Your Relationships With Co-Workers
Chapter 9: Your Relationships With Family Members and Friends
Chapter 10: Your Relationships With Children
Section II: Brain Color Connections Summary

Section III: Brain Color Communication
Chapter 11: Speak Fluent Brain Color
Chapter 12: Connect With Others and Build Rapport
Chapter 13: No-Brainer Conflict Resolution
Chapter 14: You Can Change Your Brain Color
Chapter 15: Effective Decision Making
Chapter 16: Celebrate Hassle-Free Holidays
Chapter 17: Helpful Clues and Quotes
Section III: Brain Color Communication Summary
Chapter 18: Epilogue

An Interview With the Author