What Color Is Your Brain?® is a fast reading, easy to follow and fascinating examination of human personality and what “makes us tick”. I highly recommend it! Jeffrey Sophian, Business Owners Advisory Group for The Executives Profit Newsletter

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WCYB is an accurate and insightful personality decoder! This visual color profile helps me identify people’s dominant characteristics and understand why a person tends to exhibit a particular behavior in a specific situation. Mari Baskin, President, Para Designers Inc.

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“It has much in common with other personality inventories, but it’s breadth of applications make it accessible to a wide audience.” Mary Mountsephen, PATOSS Bulletin.

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“This book is a gem! … an easy-to-read, useful-right-now, non- judgmental resource at your fingertips.” Kevin E. O’Connor, CSP, Author, Present Like A Pro

“… Great fun interacting with others and referencing their own brain color- both boasting about their own unique strengths and laughing at the interpersonal foibles connect to “color clashes.” Mark Richter, Principal Lake Zurich Middle School North

Discover your “Brain Hue” and improve your relationships too!” Karsen Price, Today’s Charlotte Woman magazine

“Sheila Glazov’s stellar WCIYB can help you paint your brain picture. I highly recommend this book as an enlightening fun-filled guide to learning more about yourself and others. AIDA J. Sapp, PhD, APRN, BC, LMFT, APNA Newsletter

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